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مشاهدة النسخة كاملة : General topics in C++ - Cplusplus

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  1. Dynamic controls
  2. Annoying RegEnumKeyEx Problem
  3. vs2008proeditiongodaytrialedition
  4. Handling KeyDown even on Dialog.
  5. how to use installshield in visual studio 2005 IDE to create an installer
  6. Getting Tray Icon Details
  7. How to transform 2D image to 3D image?
  8. Transparent dialog problem
  9. insertion of time information to the access database
  10. CCheckboxlist..
  11. insert values from access database to the microsoft chart in MFC
  12. Problem in multiple item deletion in CListCtrl
  13. c++ code required for this small study program
  14. How to add Vertical and Horizontal scrollbars to a CListBox
  15. the date-elapsing dialog box for the trial version software
  16. using Container template class. new to containers help please
  17. Include issues
  18. Shadow Copy In C
  19. have you ever seen this error?
  20. have you ever seen this error?
  21. Multiple Inheritance problem : CSingleLock : CSingleLock(pObject, bInitialLock) : CS
  22. Help not sure why.
  23. time difference
  24. Smtp C++
  25. focusing messagebox
  26. Should an application to have a central error handling model?
  27. how to use installshield in visual studio 2005 IDE to create an installer
  28. COM port number identification
  29. how to conditionally select a DLL on detecting a ******** pack?
  30. problem with debug mode
  31. Problem getting element from CDHtmlDialog when loading the HTML from a file using Nav
  32. Images in Dll
  33. Problem while setting text to a control using WM_SETTEXT with SendMessage API
  34. Read diffrent formats file in MFC.
  35. Program To Find Whether A String Is Anagram Or Not To Source String
  36. How to get access right to Registry in Vista
  37. Modeless and Modal dalog window
  38. CListBox with multiselection support
  39. sotring/comparing strings
  40. Dialog based Application should always run as Admininstrator.
  41. Problem getting Caption of a window control using SendMessage & WM_GETTEXT
  42. How to convers a binary file into something readable
  43. full screen message box
  44. Execute a system process from ring0
  45. Filtering processes of current user
  46. Using Synthesis toolkit in Visual Studio
  47. rectangle rotation
  48. Using DirectSound and Synthesis toolkit in Visual Studio [modified]
  49. Problem with WinDef.h
  50. can somebody help me to solve this problem? Pls help me, as soon as possible. This is
  51. system() parameter complications
  52. How to reduce .avi file size..
  53. How to get ordinal value of function programitically ?
  54. VC++
  55. to read chm file using vc++
  56. win32 Database
  57. Creating a ******** pack............
  58. Memory leak when return char* from DLL
  59. How to create a listbox in win32 with checkbox style
  60. reading html file in c++/vc++
  61. Retrive data from SQL database & store it in Excel file
  62. fatal error C1189: #error : WINDOWS.H already included. MFC apps must not #include
  63. Help with Mouse Button and counter
  64. Create Integrated Development Environment (IDE) like VC++ in VC++ 6.0
  65. Error compiling call to Windows API function.
  66. error that is occuring while executing the project
  67. that is occuring while executingerror
  68. Loop .mp3 playback
  69. getting email address in Outlook Express
  70. url filtering
  71. Any Suggetions for an efficient way?
  72. Vc++6.0. ADO. When I link in RELEASE mode I get Unresolved External error on ADO.
  73. how to set breakpoint in this way?
  74. WM_NCCALCSIZE bug with Vista Desktop Composition
  75. Multiple Inheritance question
  76. tapi
  77. TerminateProcess()
  78. the date time picker control
  79. PropertySheet
  80. Menu bar not display
  81. how to EXPAND or COLLAPSE a CTreeCtrl item?(TVS_SINGLEEXPAND cannot)
  82. p2p binary header in msnp15
  83. Context menu on non clicnt area
  84. Question about classes in C++
  85. visual C++ to 8051F000 micro controller
  86. Using library built in VC 8.0 or VC 7.0 in Application built in VC6.0
  87. How can get rows in excel sheet?
  88. Not detecting the ******** of Resource DLL
  89. freeing up of resources after closing the window
  90. How To Analyse a Simple Script [modified]
  91. CListCtrl problem
  92. how to abort application
  93. How To Make a Simple compiler
  94. Can I use StreamIn/StreamOu to Load/Save OLE objects within a rich edit control?
  95. IsThemeActive
  96. How to get the name of the current .exe of my application within my application
  97. Enumerating users
  98. Can I use StreamIn/StreamOu to Load/Save OLE objects within a rich edit control? [mod
  99. Closing first dialog box while second is still running
  100. pointer deletion querry
  101. How can my C++ program know when a batch file updates?
  102. how to use two flags for create file
  103. variable and classes
  104. How to make Matrix Using C [modified]
  105. GetAsyncKeyState - help with dynamic link library
  106. Problem creating a simple DLL in c++
  107. DLL basic question
  108. convert 32bit to 8bit(256color) bmp?
  109. mfc42.dll, error application crash, ModVersion-6.2.4131.0
  110. safe-cast serialization
  111. XML Visual Studio 2003 MFC C++
  112. How can I use GetModify/SetModify within CRichEditView
  113. Extracting a string from a tab-delimited file
  114. Using 2 thread i receive a message " Access violation reading ******** 0x0000001c ".
  115. lbuttonDown out of a mode window, witch message is spring?
  116. scaler deleting destructor
  117. how to transfer file between windows and linux
  118. How to retrieve contents of a control in a different application?
  119. Another Stupid Question?
  120. Windows Message API problem for LVM_GETITEMTEXT
  121. CPoint's x and y has large value
  122. How to create a secure database with the MS-Jet ODBC driver
  123. How to convert const void* to CString?
  124. How to capture "Enter Key"?
  125. How to create a secure database with the MS-Jet ODBC driver [modified]
  126. How to delete CStatic object.
  127. getting a Microsoft Visual studio C Runtime Library error and that error is showing i
  128. newbe question about arrays
  129. any sync opration with vc++ concepts give a sample
  130. C3861
  131. error PRJ0050: Failed to register output
  132. vc++
  133. Vc++ 6.0 Callback Function (callback Export)
  134. Find Unique Combination Numbers from a pool list (combinations and permutations)
  135. How to get time in microseconds?
  136. Closing my C++ program when a specific window is closed
  137. RTD in MFC application
  138. Deleting the Main Window
  139. How To Import and use Com file in c++
  140. Raise thread safe event
  141. glDrawPixels help
  142. strange character
  143. How to get a huge struct array?
  144. How can I paste data to other windows (who ever is accepting) ?
  145. How can I paste data to other windows (who ever is accepting) ? [modified]
  146. PopupDailog steal the current focus
  147. Reading from fstream in CString object
  148. named pipe sample
  149. Space in EDIT BOX
  150. String Table of Resources
  151. Callback Routine Not Getting Triggered
  152. Real time data server client
  153. Data processing in MATLAB, searching over a large amount of folders
  154. problem importing a com file in c++
  155. problem importing a com file in c++
  156. problem importing a com file in c++
  157. How do i create an Executable (.exe) to debug my project?
  158. dynamic 2D array template for non-built-in types. [modified]
  159. MSADO15.tlh file not available in ..c:\documents and settings\user\local settings\tem
  160. problem in C++ programming
  161. Writing the interface definatinon inside the libaray in .idl file
  162. (cPallini) Why "Save" menu item is ALWAYS disable?
  163. Union
  164. getting nested groups from AD with win32 API
  165. Strategy Question
  166. _beginthreadex() conversion error
  167. How can i call a function with a CString variable ?
  168. USB Drive
  169. Is it possible to get individual properties from a specific Flag value in VC++?
  170. Help Please!!!
  171. Keyboard Control On Mfc Dialog Box
  172. Successful Debug Build, but got Errors during Release Build
  173. Packet Structure in C++
  174. Mixing of two Audio files
  175. c# code for implement vedio cutter
  176. OpenGL in a MFC dialog using vc98
  177. Windows Example Programs
  178. inverse mapping
  179. CRichEditCtl on CMDIchildWnd
  180. CTabCtrl Usage.
  181. How to override TR1 "function class"' operator()(****)//many parameters ? Thanks! The
  182. Huffman coding
  183. Architectural problem
  184. Interfacing with an Maxatec POS receipt printer, printing "downloaded images"
  185. PC based application using Microsoft Bluetooth Stack
  186. ClassWizard not displayed
  187. CRichEditCtrl on CMDIChildWnd not working
  188. How to make MessageBox () to behave as AfxMessageBox ();
  189. X64 compilation problems
  190. Video Capture
  191. TabStop not working when add image over a button control.
  192. Capturing TCP/IP packets in (DOS)
  193. How to get the total time of the wav file.
  194. MFC Visual Studio Project Never Gets Updated
  195. source code for distributed mutual exclusion
  196. Dividing property shett into two parts
  197. PostNCDestroy Problem
  198. add column into control CListCtrl
  199. Start Program as Service: Error 193
  200. MultiClient Server
  201. Automate volume level by capturing from microphone
  202. how to find out what time a control is created and VISIBLE?
  203. PreTranslateMessage to Capture RicheditCtrl KeyBoard input
  204. How to Develope Add-ons for MOZILLA FIRE FOX 2.0(or)3.0?
  205. How to Load toolBar in CView? [modified]
  206. What does this mean?
  207. Show selected rows in ListCtrl
  208. MainFrame Maximization problem
  209. How to display a diagram charted by visio, such as topological diagram, iwith mfc?
  210. please guide I program for fax modem, thanks
  211. previous posts and replies....
  212. iostream compatibility problems
  213. How can check ActiveSync or Mobile device centre installed on PC?
  214. MFC in VS2003
  215. Modeles , Modal dialog window and variable
  216. Begin C++
  217. auto_ptr
  218. ondraw
  219. window styles
  220. Exception while using CComPtr
  221. error C2227: left of '->arr' must point to class/struct/union/generic type, but works
  222. Dialog box gets hanged..
  223. FSM data structure design
  224. Changing values in dialog boxes
  225. Members Named using Template Parameters
  226. Multiple Directories selection
  227. Highlighting HTML text
  228. CView Window ?
  229. Can't intall latest SDK for V6.0
  230. HELP PLEASE!! Character strings.. PROBLEMS!! using pointers
  231. MFC Conversion to Unicode in VS2008
  232. How do I launch a process as user "Administrator"?
  233. My xp application can't support vista
  234. How can load dll in project?
  235. Database Server \Client model
  236. hai
  237. hai
  238. AddScanPackageService is retruning E_INVALIDARG
  239. Writing a similar function as ComboBox SelectString
  240. DLL multy [modified]
  241. how to set a class member function as parameter of an other class in its constructor
  242. Menu and document
  243. print in splitted window
  244. Query related to DllInstall()
  245. Menu class derived from CMenu
  246. Double to CString
  247. How to convert LZW type tiff file to PDF c++?
  248. Rapi use for connect with active sync,now what can i use for connect with Mobile Devi
  249. Help with how to add/mix RGBA values
  250. border of the childframe