: The New MySQL Server Release Model

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06-27-2009, 12:50 AM
When I joined MySQL back in June of 2005, one of the first MySQL Truths I learned and repeated often when discussing MySQL with others was release early, release often. If youve been using MySQL for any length of time, you know what that statement means it meant that MySQL was: (1) dedicated to getting new features and enhancements into the hands of its community so the softwares quality could be validated; (2) eager to take early feedback on those features so the input could rapidly be incorporated back into the product allowing everyone to benefit; (3) committed to very frequent releases of the software so helpful new features and/or external contributions that were ready for action could quickly be put into play and not sit idle on the shelf. And if youve been around Open Source for a while now, you know this is the spirit in which most providers of Open Source software operate.